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Opens the audio file from a container.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
AVPlayer 7.1 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes
MBS( "AVPlayer.OpenContainer"; Container )   More


Parameter Description Example
Container The container with the audio file. MyTable::MovieContainer


Returns player reference number or error.


Opens the audio file from a container.
Returns the movie reference which must be released with AVPlayer.Release function.
See also AVPlayer.OpenFile or AVPlayer.OpenURL.

Works with normal container, compressed container and referenced container file.

See WMFP.Create for Windows.


Open from container:

Set Variable [$player; Value:MBS("AVPlayer.OpenContainer"; AVPlayer::Container)]
If [MBS("IsError")]
    Show Custom Dialog ["Error loading audio file."; $player]
    Exit Script []
End If
Set Field [AVPlayer::Duration; MBS("AVPlayer.GetDuration"; $player)]
Set Field [AVPlayer::Rate; MBS("AVPlayer.GetRate"; $$Player)]
Set Field [AVPlayer::Volume; MBS("AVPlayer.GetVolume"; $$Player)]
Set Variable [$$player; Value:$player]

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Created 3th February 2017, last changed 18th June 2022

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