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Deletes a bookmark.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
DynaPDF 4.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "DynaPDF.DeleteBookmark"; PDF; BookmarkHandle )   More


Parameter Description Example value
PDF The PDF reference returned from DynaPDF.New. $pdf
BookmarkHandle The reference number for the bookmark. Either returned by one of the add/insert functions or just counting from 0 to DynaPDF.GetBookmarkCount-1. $BookmarkHandle


Returns number or error.


Deletes a bookmark.
The parameter BookmarkHandle must be a valid bookmark handle. Please note that this function invalidates all bookmark handles which are numerically greater than BookmarkHandle. DynaPDF supports several functions to find or enumerate bookmarks. It is safe to delete a bookmark within a search run. See the following functions for further information:

If the function succeeds the return value is the remaining number of bookmarks. If the function fails the return value is an error.

See also DeleteBookmark function in DynaPDF manual.

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 18th August 2014

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