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Initializes EventKit and opens event store.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Events 6.2 Yes No No No Yes
MBS( "Events.Initialize"; Types )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Types What entitiy types to use.
Can be "Events", "Reminder" or both.
"Events, Reminders"


Returns OK or error.


Initializes EventKit and opens event store.
This is done internally automatically for reminders and events.
You can here initialize it for only reminder or events.

Users are able to grant or deny access to event and reminder data on a per-app basis. To request access to event and/or reminder data, instantiate an event store using this method. This call will not block the program while the user is being asked to grant or deny access. Until access has been granted for an entity type, this event store will not contain any calendars for that entity type, and any attempt to save entities of that entity type will fail. If access is later granted or declined, the event store will broadcast an notification. You can check the current access status for an entity type using Events.AuthorizationStatusForEntityType. The user will only be prompted the first time access is requested; any subsequent instantiations of event store will use the existing permissions.

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Created 10th March 2016, last changed 13th March 2016

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