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Queries the search scopes.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
MetaDataQuery 8.0 Yes No Yes, macOS only No Yes
MBS( "MetaDataQuery.SearchScopes"; Query )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Query The reference number of the query. $query


Returns OK or error.


Queries the search scopes.
Returns a list with file paths and special keywords used to specify specific locations:

UserHomeScopeSearch the user’s home directory.
LocalComputerScopeSearch all local mounted volumes, including the user home directory. The user’s home directory is searched even if it is a remote volume.
NetworkScopeSearch all user-mounted remote volumes.
UbiquitousDocumentsScopeSearch all files in the Documents directories of the app’s iCloud container directories.
UbiquitousDataScopeSearch all files not in the Documents directories of the app’s iCloud container directories.
AccessibleUbiquitousExternalDocumentsScopeSearch for documents outside the app’s container. This search can locate iCloud documents that the user previously opened using a document picker view controller. This lets your app access the documents again without requiring direct user interaction.
IndexedLocalComputerScopeSearch all indexed local mounted volumes including the current user’s home directory (even if the home directory is remote).
IndexedNetworkScopeSearch all indexed user-mounted remote volumes.

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Created 16th December 2017, last changed 16th December 2017

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