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Sets an option.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
PrintDialog 6.2 Yes No No No No
MBS( "PrintDialog.SetOption"; Key; Value )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Key The key to use. "com_apple_print_PrintSettings_PMCopies"
Value The value to use.
Depending on data type, the plugin will pass a number or a text.


Returns OK or error.


Sets an option.
You can use PrintDialog.GetLastSettings after printing to query XML with all settings and pick keys and values.


Set copies to 3 via options:

MBS("PrintDialog.SetOption"; "com_apple_print_PrintSettings_PMCopies"; 3)

Set border to double hairline:

MBS("PrintDialog.SetOption"; "com_apple_print_PrintSettings_PMBorderType"; 2)

Set border to single hairline:

MBS("PrintDialog.SetOption"; "com_apple_print_PrintSettings_PMBorderType"; 1)

Set duplex binding:

MBS("PrintDialog.SetOption"; "com_apple_print_PrintSettings_PMDuplexing"; 2) &
MBS("PrintDialog.SetOption"; "DuplexBindingEdge"; 2)

Set input slot and output bin:

MBS("PrintDialog.SetOption"; "InputSlot"; "4Tray") &
MBS("PrintDialog.SetOption"; "OutputBin"; "MailBoxBin7")
# those keys and values are print driver dependent and hand picked from configuration XML.

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Created 30th April 2016, last changed 19th April 2017

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