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Sets whether to fix destination.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
PrintDialog 6.5 Yes No No No No
MBS( "PrintDialog.SetResetDestination"; Value )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Value The new setting.
Pass 1 to enable reset of destination.
Pass 0 to disable.


Returns OK or error.


Sets whether to fix destination.
FileMaker 15 and older on macOS Sierra show a problem with printing.
If you once print to PDF, the print dialog in FileMaker will remember the PDF printing and even print to PDF if no PDF printing is selected.

If you set this option to 1, the plugin will reset the print destination to the printer before the dialog is shown or other options are applied.


Initialize to fix printing issues with FileMaker and macOS Sierra:

Set Variable [$r; Value: MBS( "PrintDialog.Install" ) ]
Set Variable [$r; Value: MBS( "PrintDialog.Enable" ) ]
Set Variable [$r; Value: MBS( "PrintDialog.SetResetDestination"; 1 ) ]

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Created 17th October 2016, last changed 17th October 2016

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