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Replaces patterns.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
RegEx 7.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "RegEx.ReplaceAll"; Text; Pattern; Rewrite { ; Options } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Text The text to use. "hello world"
Pattern The pattern to use. "l+"
Rewrite The output pattern. "\1\1"
Options Optional
The PCRE options.
Can be given as text or number.


Returns new text or error.


Replaces patterns.
You can replace the all occurrences of pattern in text with rewrite pattern. Within rewrite pattern, backslash-escaped digits (\1 to \9) can be used to insert text matching corresponding parenthesized group from the pattern. \0 in rewrite refers to the entire matching text.

Replacements are not subject to re-matching.


Replace all:

MBS( "RegEx.ReplaceAll"; "yabba dabba doo"; "b+"; "d" )

Example result: "yadda dadda doo"

Replace all greedy:

MBS( "RegEx.ReplaceAll"; "yabba dabba doo"; "b+"; "d"; "greedy" )

Example result: "yada dada doo"

Replace links with html:

MBS( "RegEx.ReplaceAll"; "This is a link to the Monkeybread Software site: where Filemaker solutions can be found."; "(https?://[\w./]+)"; "<a href=\"\1\">\1</a>"; "caseless¶greedy" )

Example result: This is a link to the Monkeybread Software site: <a href=""></a> where Filemaker solutions can be found.

Replace all σ with ς in greek texts:

MBS( "RegEx.ReplaceAll"; "Ιωαννησ testσ testσ"; "([\p{Greek}\p{Latin}]+)σ(\W*)"; "\1ς\2" )

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Created 17th October 2017, last changed 23th July 2018

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