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Creates records in FileMaker database for current recordset.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SQL 5.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "SQL.InsertRecords"; Command; InsertFileName; InsertTableName; FieldNames { ; IgnoreDuplicates } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Command The command reference number gained with SQL.NewCommand. $Command
InsertFileName The file name of where the insert table is inside. Can be empty to look for the table in all files. Get(FileName)
InsertTableName The name of the table to insert record into. "Assets"
FieldNames A list of field names for the insert.
Empty entries in the list are ignored.
IgnoreDuplicates Optional
Available in MBS FileMaker Plugin 7.3 or newer.
If 1, ignores duplicates or with 0 or by default reports error for duplicates.
If duplicates are found, the function returns number of duplicates instead of OK.


Returns number of duplicates, OK or error.


Creates records in FileMaker database for current recordset.
This function allows to easily copy a lot of records from SQL database into FileMaker table.
Please provide field names in FileMaker. The order has to match those in the record set.
Due to passing in new field names, you can even rearrange values from one column to other while copying. In the SQL you can use functions for sums or join data from several tables together to fill a new table.
Use FM.ExecuteSQL.LastErrorMessage and FM.ExecuteSQL.LastError to see error message.
Reports an error if field name list doesn't match column count of the query result.
This will not work for BLOBs as they are stored currently as hex encoded text only.
Function will fail if data types in FileMaker and other SQL database do not match for assignment. e.g. date and time fields will not work, only timestamp fields.

For copying record within FileMaker, please use FM.InsertRecordQuery or FM.SQL.InsertRecords functions.


Insert records to FileMaker from SQL database:

#Create select command and run it
Set Variable [$Command; Value:MBS("SQL.NewCommand"; $Connection; "SELECT FirstName, LastName, Birthday, NumberOfOrders, TotalSales FROM Test")]
#Run it
Set Variable [$result; Value:MBS("SQL.Execute"; $Command)]
If [$result  ≠ "OK"]
    Show Custom Dialog ["Error: " & $result]
    Set Variable [$result; Value:MBS("SQL.InsertRecords"; $Command; Get(FileName) ;"SQLite fun"; "FirstName¶LastName¶Birthday¶NumberOfOrders¶TotalSales")]
    Show Custom Dialog ["Records imported."; $result]
End If
Set Variable [$result2; Value:MBS("SQL.FreeCommand"; $Command)]

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Release notes

  • Version 7.3
    • Added IgnoreDuplicates parameter to SQL.InsertRecords functions to ignore duplicate error on insert.
  • Version 7.2

Created 29th July 2015, last changed 18th May 2017

SQL.InsertOrUpdateRecords   -   SQL.InternalSQLiteLibrary.Activate

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