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Retrieves the current reader attribute.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SmartCard 6.3 Yes Yes Yes No No
MBS( "SmartCard.GetAttribute"; SmartCardContext; AttributeID )   More


Parameter Description Example value
SmartCardContext The smartcard context reference number. $SmartCardContext
AttributeID The ID of the attribute.


Returns hex text or error.


Retrieves the current reader attribute.
It does not affect the state of the reader, driver, or card.
The plugin first queries for size of attribute and on success queries again to get the data and return it as a hex encoded text.

AtrString590595Answer to reset (ATR) string.
ChannelId131344Number encoded as 0xDDDDCCCC, where DDDD = data channel type and CCCC = channel number.
Characteristics393552Integer indicating which mechanical characteristics are supported. If zero, no special characteristics are supported.
CurrentBwt524809Current block waiting time.
CurrentClk524802Current clock rate, in kHz.
CurrentCwt524810Current character waiting time.
CurrentD524804Bit rate conversion factor.
CurrentEbcEncoding524811Current error block control encoding: 0 = longitudinal redundancy check (LRC), 1 = cyclical redundancy check (CRC)
CurrentF524803Clock conversion factor.
CurrentIfsc524807Current byte size for information field size card.
CurrentIfsd524808Current byte size for information field size device.
CurrentIoState590594Current IO state
CurrentN524805Current guard time.
CurrentProtocolType524801Integer encoded as 0x0rrrpppp where rrr is RFU and should be 0x000. pppp encodes the current protocol type. Whichever bit has been set indicates which ISO protocol is currently in use. (For example, if bit zero is set, T=0 protocol is in effect.)
CurrentW524806Current work waiting time.
DefaultClk196897Default clock rate, in kHz.
DefaultDataRate196899Default data rate, in bps.
DeviceFriendlyNameA2147418115Reader's display name. Windows ANSI encoding.
DeviceFriendlyNameW2147418117Reader's display name. Unicode encoding.
DeviceInUse2147418114Reserved for future use.
DeviceSystemNameA2147418116Reader's system name. Windows ANSI encoding.
DeviceSystemNameW2147418118Reader's system name. Unicode encoding.
DeviceUnit2147418113Instance of this vendor's reader attached to the computer. The first instance will be device unit 0, the next will be unit 1 (if it is the same brand of reader) and so on. Two different brands of readers will both have zero for this value.
EscAuthrequest499717Esc authentication request
EscCancel499715Esc cancel
EscReset499712Esc reset
ExtendedBwt524812Extended block wait time.
IccInterfaceStatus590593Single byte. Zero if smart card electrical contact is not active; nonzero if contact is active.
IccPresence590592Single byte indicating smart card presence: 0 = not present, 1 = card present but not swallowed (applies only if reader supports smart card swallowing), 2 = card present (and swallowed if reader supports smart card swallowing), 4 = card confiscated.
IccTypePerAtr590596Single byte indicating smart card type: 0 = unknown type, 1 = 7816 Asynchronous, 2 = 7816 Synchronous. Other values RFU.
MaxClk196898Maximum clock rate, in kHz.
MaxDataRate196900Maximum data rate, in bps.
MaxIfsd196901Maximum bytes for information file size device.
Maxinput499719Maximum input
PowerMgmtSupport262449Zero if device does not support power down while smart card is inserted. Nonzero otherwise.
ProtocolTypes196896Integer encoded as 0x0rrrpppp where rrr is RFU and should be 0x000. pppp encodes the supported protocol types. A '1' in a given bit position indicates support for the associated ISO protocol, so if bits zero and one are set, both T=0 and T=1 protocols are supported.
SupressT1IfsRequest2147418119Supress T1 information file size request.
UserAuthInputDevice328002User authentication input device
UserToCardAuthDevice328000User to card authentication device
VendorIfdSerialNo65795Vendor-supplied interface device serial number.
VendorIfdType65793Vendor-supplied interface device type (model designation of reader).
VendorIfdVersion65794Vendor-supplied interface device version (DWORD in the form 0xMMmmbbbb where MM = major version, mm = minor version, and bbbb = build number).
VendorName65792Vendor name.

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Created 13th June 2016, last changed 19th June 2016

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