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Adds a new payment to the transaction query.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
StoreKit 8.2 Yes No No No Yes
MBS( "StoreKit.AddPayment"; productIdentifier { ; quantity } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
productIdentifier The product identifier. 1234
quantity Optional
The quantity of the product.
Default is 1.


Returns OK or error.


Adds a new payment to the transaction query.
When a payment request is added to the queue, the payment queue processes that request with the Apple App Store and arranges for payment from the user. When that transaction is complete or if a failure occurs, the payment queue sends the payment transaction object that encapsulates the request to all transaction observers.
Use StoreKit.Transactions later to query status.


Start order of item:

Set Variable [ $r ; Value: MBS( "StoreKit.AddPayment"; "123"; 1 ) ]

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Created 22nd April 2018, last changed 22nd April 2018

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