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Enables line numbers in FileMaker Scripts.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SyntaxColoring 3.5 Yes No No No No
MBS( "SyntaxColoring.LineNumbers.Enable" )   More




Returns OK on success.


Enables line numbers in FileMaker Scripts.
Settings are saved in preferences files and you can use different settings in different FileMaker versions.
Works with FileMaker 11 or newer.
Line numbers can only be enabled in FileMaker Pro, not in server or runtime versions.


Enable or disable line numbers:

If (Enable)
      Set Variable [$r; MBS( "SyntaxColoring.LineNumbers.Enable" )]
      Set Variable [$r; MBS( "SyntaxColoring.LineNumbers.Disable" )]
end if

Enable all the plugin enhancements for FileMaker:

MBS("SyntaxColoring.CopyButton.SetEnabled"; 1)
MBS("SyntaxColoring.ScriptSearchBox.SetEnabled"; 1)
MBS("SyntaxColoring.ScriptGoToBox.SetEnabled"; 1)
MBS("SyntaxColoring.RelationGraphSearchBox.SetEnabled"; 1)
MBS( "SyntaxColoring.CheckVariableDeclaration.Enable" )
MBS( "SyntaxColoring.LineNumbers.Enable" )
MBS( "SyntaxColoring.SetScriptHighlightColor"; "#CCCCFF" )

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 28th April 2016

SyntaxColoring.LineNumbers.Disable   -   SyntaxColoring.LineNumbers.Enabled

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