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Encode a base64 URL string.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Text 7.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "Text.EncodeToBase64URL"; text { ; encoding } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
text The text to process. "Hello World"
encoding Optional
The text encoding for text parameter.
Default is native.


Returns encoded text.


Encode a base64 URL string.
Please check what text encoding you want to use. Especially what the software processing the base64 string expects.
Similar to normal Base64, but + replaced by - and / by _ and the = on the end are omitted.


Encode Base64 as UTF-8:

MBS( "Text.EncodeToBase64URL"; "Hello World"; "utf8" )

Example result: "SGVsbG8gV29ybGQ"

Encode with/without URL option:

MBS( "Text.EncodeToBase64URL"; "Hello World? öäü"; "UTF-8" ) & ¶ &
MBS( "Text.EncodeToBase64"; "Hello World? öäü"; "UTF-8" )

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Created 21st October 2017, last changed 21st October 2017

Text.EncodeToBase64   -   Text.EncodeToBytes

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