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Gets the table parameters by index.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
XL 7.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "XL.Sheet.Table"; bookRef; sheetIndex; Index; Selector )   More


Parameter Description Example value
bookRef The reference to the workbook. Please use XL.LoadBook to load a file. $ref
sheetIndex The index of the sheet. This number ranges from 0 to XL.Book.SheetCount-1. 0
Index The index of the table to query. 0
Selector Which value to query.
Can be rowFirst, rowLast, colFirst, colLast, headerRowCount (the number of header rows showing at the top of the table. 0 means that the header row is not shown), totalsRowCount (the number of totals rows that shall be shown at the bottom of the table. 0 means that the totals row is not shown) or name.


Returns OK or error.


Gets the table parameters by index.

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Created 22nd April 2017, last changed 22nd April 2017

XL.Sheet.SplitInfo   -   XL.Sheet.TableSize

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