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Queries value in XML.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
XML 7.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

MBS( "XML.GetPathValue"; XML; Path { ; Flags } )


Parameter Description Example value
XML The XML to process. "<test>Hello</test>"
Path The path to the node or attribute to query. "name"
Flags Optional
Various Flags.
Add 1 to ignore errors in xml and continue parsing. This may lead to not everything in the xml being read.
Add 2 to return empty text instead of errors.
Add 4 to format returned XML.
Add 32 to return result as XML, if it’s more than just a text.


Returns text or error.


Queries value in XML.
This function uses a path notation like the JSON functions in FileMaker to describe paths.
You can use name of a node followed by option index in square brackets. On the end you can use # followed by a name of an attribute to select only the attribute.
Delimiter between items can be dot like FileMaker or newline.


Return test node value:

MBS( "XML.GetPathValue"; "<test>Hello</test>"; "test"; 0)

Example result: "Hello"

Query value of attribute:

MBS( "XML.GetPathValue"; "<test id=\"123\">Hello</test>"; "test#id")

Example result: "123"

Query value of node:

MBS( "XML.GetPathValue"; "<outer><inner>Hello</inner></outer>"; "outer.inner")

Example result: "Hello"

Query subtree as XML:

MBS( "XML.GetPathValue"; "<outer><middle><inner>Hello</inner></middle></outer>"; "outer.middle"; 32+4)

Example result:
"<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Query items with index:

MBS( "XML.GetPathValue"; "<people><personid>123</personid><personid>456</personid><personid>789</personid></people>"; "people.personid[2]"; 0)

Example result: "789"

Query value from complex XML:

MBS("XML.GetPathValue"; XML::BKML_data; "[0].citystatezip";0)

See also

XML.GetAttribute   -   XML.HasAttribute

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