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Component: AVAsset

Modern functions on OS X to query metadata from movie files.

Extract video frames, query lyrics and other metadata from video files.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AVAsset.AvailableMetadataFormats Returns a list representing available metadata formats. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.Duration Returns the duration of a asset in seconds. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.Framerate Looks for first video track and reports the nominal frame rate. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.HasProtectedContent Queries whether the asset has protected content. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.Image Returns an image for the asset at or near a specified time. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.ImageActualTime Queries actual time for image. Mac only 6.5
AVAsset.IsComposable Queries whether this asset can be used in compositions. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.IsExportable Indicates whether the asset can be exported. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.IsPlayable Checks whether the asset, or its URL, can be played. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.IsReadable Checks whether the asset’s media data can be extracted Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.Loaded Queries load status of asset. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.Lyrics Queries the lyrics of the asset suitable for the current locale. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.Metadata Queries metadata. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.MetadataKeys Queries metadata keys. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.NaturalHeight Queries the natural height of the video. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.NaturalWidth Queries the natural width of the video. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.OpenContainer Opens a movie from a container. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.OpenFile Opens an asset from a file. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.OpenURL Opens a movie from URL. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.PreferredRate Queries the natural rate at which the asset is to be played. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.PreferredVolume Queries the preferred volume at which the audible media of asset is to be played. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.Release Releases the object and all memory used for it. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.RequestImageTimePrecision Requests to use high precision for timing of images. Mac only 6.5
AVAsset.TimeCodes Reads time codes from asset. Mac only 5.4
AVAsset.TrackCount Queries the track count. Mac only 5.2
AVAsset.URL Queries the URL used to open this asset. Mac only 5.2

26 functions.

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