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Component: AVRecorder

Audio and video recording

Functions to record audio and/or video files.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AVRecorder.AddPreviewToWindow Adds a preview area to the window. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.AudioDeviceCount Queries number of audio devices found by the plugin. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.AudioDeviceInfo Queries details about audio device. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.CaptureStillPhoto Captures a still image. Mac/Win/iOS 6.2
AVRecorder.ClosePreview Closes the preview view. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.GetAudioDevice Queries name of audio device in use. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.GetAutomaticallyAdjustsVideoMirroring Queries whether automatically mirroring is enabled. Mac/iOS 7.4
AVRecorder.GetFilePath Queries the current file path. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.GetVideoDevice Queries name of video device in use. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.GetVideoMirrored Queries whether video should be mirrored. Mac/iOS 7.4
AVRecorder.Init Starts a new recording session. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.IsRecording Queries whether we are recording. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.IsVideoMirroringSupported Queres whether video mirroring is supported. Mac/iOS 7.4
AVRecorder.Release Releases a recording session. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.SetAudioDevice Sets the audio device to use. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.SetAutomaticallyAdjustsVideoMirroring Set wether to allow automatically mirroring. Mac/iOS 7.4
AVRecorder.SetFilePath Sets the file path for recording. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.SetScreenInput Sets video input to screen. Mac only 8.4
AVRecorder.SetVideoDevice Sets the video device to use. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.SetVideoMirrored Sets mirror state. Mac/iOS 7.4
AVRecorder.StartPreview Starts the preview. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.StartRecording Starts recording. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.StopRecording Stops recording. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.VideoDeviceCount Queries number of video devices found by the plugin. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1
AVRecorder.VideoDeviceInfo Queries details about video device. Mac/Win/iOS 6.1

25 functions.

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