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Component: App

Functions to modify the current application.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
App.CancelUserAttentionRequest Cancels a previous user attention request. Mac only 6.1
App.GetDockBadgeLabel Returns the tile's current badge label. Mac/iOS 2.6
App.GetDockIcon Queries the dock icon. Mac only 3.2
App.GetProcessName Queries the name of the application. Mac/Win 3.2
App.GetProcessPath Queries the path of the application. Mac/Win 3.5
App.MemoryUsed Queries amount of memory used. Mac/Win 6.5
App.OpenFile Asks app to open a given file. Mac only 7.4
App.RequestUserAttention Starts a user attention request. Mac only 6.1
App.SetDockBadgeLabel Sets the string to be displayed in the tile's badging area. Mac/iOS 2.6
App.SetDockIcon Sets the image for the dock icon for this application. Mac only 3.2
App.SetProcessName Sets the name of the current application. Mac only 3.2

11 functions.

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