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Component: AppleScript

Run Apple Scripts.

The script source can be calculated. Precompile a script to run it several times with better performance. Between runs you can use properties in AppleScript to exchange values.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AppleScript.Close Removes a Script from memory. Mac only 1.0
AppleScript.Compile Compiles the script and returns the Script ID. Mac only 1.0
AppleScript.Execute Executes an AppleScript that was previously compiled using the AppleScript.Compile function. Mac only 1.0
AppleScript.GetPropertyName Queries name of property with given index. Mac only 4.2
AppleScript.GetPropertyValue Queries property value text. Mac only 4.2
AppleScript.LastError Returns the last error code. Mac only 1.0
AppleScript.LastErrorMessage Returns the last error message. Mac only 1.0
AppleScript.PropertyCount Queries the number of properties in the script. Mac only 4.2
AppleScript.Run The function compiles the AppleScript text and runs it. Mac only 1.0
AppleScript.SetPropertyValue Sets property value with new text. Mac only 4.2

10 functions.

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