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Component: BinaryFile

Read binary data from a file and write it to a file.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
BinaryFile.Append Opens a file to append data. All 7.3
BinaryFile.Close Closes a file. All 7.3
BinaryFile.Create Creates a new file. All 7.3
BinaryFile.EOF Queries whether we are at the end of the current file. All 7.3
BinaryFile.Length Queries length of current file. All 7.3
BinaryFile.Open Opens an existing file for reading. All 7.3
BinaryFile.Position Queries current file position. All 7.3
BinaryFile.ReadByte Reads a single byte from the file. All 7.3
BinaryFile.ReadContainer Read some data and interpret them as container. All 7.3
BinaryFile.ReadFloat Reads a float value. All 7.3
BinaryFile.ReadHex Read data and returns as hex text. All 7.3
BinaryFile.ReadInt Reads an integer value. All 7.3
BinaryFile.ReadPDF Reads data as PDF. All 7.3
BinaryFile.ReadText Reads text from file. All 7.3
BinaryFile.Seek Moves file pointer to new position. All 7.3
BinaryFile.WriteByte Writes a single byte value to the file. All 7.3
BinaryFile.WriteContainer Writes a container value to the file. All 7.3
BinaryFile.WriteFloat Writes a float value. All 7.3
BinaryFile.WriteHex Writes hex encoded data. All 7.3
BinaryFile.WriteInt Writes an integer value. All 7.3
BinaryFile.WriteText Writes a text file with the given text. All 7.3

21 functions.

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