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Component: CLGeocoder

Functions for geo coordinate lookup.

You can lookup your clients addresses, store the coordinates and later find records close to a given address.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
CLGeocoder.Cancel Cancels a pending geocoding request. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.Cancelled Whether the request was cancelled. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.Close Closes a request and frees memory. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.Distance Returns the distance (in meters) of the two locations. Mac only 6.1
CLGeocoder.Done Queries whether the request is finished. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.Error Checks if this request got an error. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.ErrorMessage Queries the error message of the geocoder. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.GeocodeAddressString Submits a forward-geocoding request using the specified string. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.PlacemarkCount Queries the number of placemarks found. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.PlacemarkValue Queries a value of the placemarks found. Mac only 4.1
CLGeocoder.ReverseGeocodeLocation Submits a reverse-geocoding request for the specified location. Mac only 4.1

11 functions.

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