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Component: CLGeocoder

Functions for geo coordinate lookup.

You can lookup your clients addresses, store the coordinates and later find records close to a given address.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
CLGeocoder.Cancel Cancels a pending geocoding request. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.Cancelled Whether the request was cancelled. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.Close Closes a request and frees memory. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.Distance Returns the distance (in meters) of the two locations. Mac/iOS 6.1
CLGeocoder.Done Queries whether the request is finished. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.Error Checks if this request got an error. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.ErrorMessage Queries the error message of the geocoder. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.GeocodeAddressString Submits a forward-geocoding request using the specified string. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.PlacemarkCount Queries the number of placemarks found. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.PlacemarkValue Queries a value of the placemarks found. Mac/iOS 4.1
CLGeocoder.ReverseGeocodeLocation Submits a reverse-geocoding request for the specified location. Mac/iOS 4.1

11 functions.

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