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Component: DNSLookup

Query the IP address for a domain name.

Or find the domain name for an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
DNSLookup.Address Queries the address. All 6.0
DNSLookup.AddressCount Queries number of addresses. All 6.0
DNSLookup.Alias Queries the alias. All 6.0
DNSLookup.AliasCount Queries number of aliases. All 6.0
DNSLookup.LookupHostByAddress Queries the domain name for an IP. All 6.0
DNSLookup.LookupHostByName Queries the IP for domain. All 6.0
DNSLookup.Name Queries the name found. All 6.0
DNSLookup.Release Releases a DNS Lookup reference. All 6.0

8 functions.

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