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Component: EventMonitor

Watch events and query mouse button of last mouse click.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
EventMonitor.Clear Clears last event captured. Mac/Win 5.2
EventMonitor.ClearCardWindow Clears trigger for card window. Mac/Win 7.3
EventMonitor.GetEnabled Queries whether event monitor is enabled. Mac/Win 6.3
EventMonitor.Install Installs event monitor. Mac/Win 5.2
EventMonitor.LastMouseClickButton Queries the index of the last pressed mouse button. Mac/Win 5.2
EventMonitor.LastMouseClickIsDoubleClick Queries if last recognized mouse click is a double click. Mac/Win 5.2
EventMonitor.LastMousePositionX Queries last mouse position. Mac/Win 7.3
EventMonitor.LastMousePositionY Queries last mouse position. Mac/Win 7.3
EventMonitor.SetCardWindow Sets script trigger for clicks outside card. Mac/Win 7.3
EventMonitor.SetEnabled Enables or disables event monitor. Mac/Win 6.3

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