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Component: EyeOne

Functions to work with EyeOne devices for color measurement.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
EyeOne.Calibrate Calibrates current device. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.CloseDevice Closes current device. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetButtonStatus Queries button status. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetConnectionStatus Queries connection status. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetDensities Queries density values. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetDensitiesAutoIndex Queries the densities auto index. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetDensity Queries density. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetDeviceCount Queries number of connected devices. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetGlobalOption Queries a global option. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetNumberOfAvailableSamples Queries number of available samples. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetOption Queries an option of current device. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetScriptFileName Queries filename of script to call in case of event. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetScriptName Queries name of script to call in case of event. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetSpectrum Queries spectrum. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.GetTriStimulus Queries TriStimulus. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.Initialize Initializes EyeOne plugin functions. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.OpenDevice Opens current device. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.SelectDevice Selects a device to be current device. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.SetGlobalOption Sets a global option. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.SetOption Sets an option for current device. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.SetReferenceChartLine Sets the reference chart line. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.SetScript Sets which script to call for events. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.SetSubstrate Sets the substrate. Mac/Win 4.4
EyeOne.TriggerMeasurement Trigger a measurement. Mac/Win 4.4

24 functions.

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