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Component: Folders

Functions to query special folders.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Folders.Applications Queries path to applications folder. Mac/Win/iOS 4.3
Folders.LocalFonts Queries path to local font folder. Mac only 4.3
Folders.LocalPreferences Queries path to local preferences folder. Mac/Win/iOS 4.3
Folders.SharedDocuments Queries path to shared documents folder. All 4.3
Folders.System Queries system folder. Mac/Win/iOS 4.3
Folders.SystemFonts Queries path to system font folder. Mac/Win 4.3
Folders.SystemTemporary Queries temporary folder. All 4.3
Folders.UserDesktop Queries path to user's desktop folder. Mac/Win/iOS 4.3
Folders.UserDocuments Queries path to user's document folder. All 4.3
Folders.UserDownloads Queries location of user's downloads folder. Mac/Win 6.2
Folders.UserFonts Queries path to user's font folder. Mac only 4.3
Folders.UserHome Queries path to user’s home folder. All 7.3
Folders.UserMusic Queries path to user's music folder. Mac/Win/iOS 4.3
Folders.UserPictures Queries path to user’s picture folder. Mac/iOS 7.2
Folders.UserPreferences Queries path to user's preferences folder. Mac/Win/iOS 4.3
Folders.UserTemporary Queries temporary folder. All 6.2
Folders.UserTrash Queries trash folder location for current user. Mac/Win 5.1
Folders.UserVideo Queries path to user's video folder. Mac/Win/iOS 4.3
Folders.Windows Queries path to windows folder. Win only 4.3

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