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Component: Java

Execute code in java classes.

You can initialize Java VM with a list of jar files.
Than create objects, call methods, set and query fields.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Java.CallObjectMethod Calls a method on an object. All 6.5
Java.CallStaticMethod Calls a static method on a class. All 6.5
Java.GetContainerFileName Query container file name to use. All 6.5
Java.GetObjectField Queries a field on an object. All 6.5
Java.GetStaticField Queries a static field on a class. All 6.5
Java.Initialize Initializes JavaVM. All 6.5
Java.Initialized Checks whether Java VM is initialized. All 6.5
Java.NewClassObject Creates a new object and invokes constructor. All 6.5
Java.ObjectClassName Queries name of class of an java object. All 6.5
Java.Release Releases an object reference. All 6.5
Java.ReleaseAll Releases all java objects. All 6.5
Java.SetContainerFileName Sets the container file name to use for next containers. All 6.5
Java.SetObjectField Sets a field on an object. All 6.5
Java.SetStaticField Sets a static field on a class. All 6.5

14 functions.

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