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Component: Math

Math functions.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Math.BitwiseAND Perform bitwise AND operation. All 4.1
Math.BitwiseNOT Perform bitwise not operation. All 4.1
Math.BitwiseOR Perform bitwise or operation. All 4.1
Math.BitwiseShiftLeft Perform bitwise shift left. All 4.1
Math.BitwiseShiftRight Perform bitwise shift right. All 4.1
Math.BitwiseXOR Perform bitwise xor operation. All 4.1
Math.DecToHex Converts a number to a hexadecimal number. All 2.5
Math.DecodeNumber Decodes a number from it's binary representation. All 6.4
Math.EncodeNumber Encodes a number as binary data as hex text. All 6.4
Math.HexToDec Converts a hexadecimal number to a normal decimal number. All 2.5
Math.InchToPixel Converts a inch value to pixel. All 3.4
Math.InsidePolygon Checks if one point is inside a polygon. All 2.2
Math.IsValidCC Verifies a credit card number. All 3.1
Math.MillimeterToPixel Converts a millimeter value to pixel. All 3.4
Math.NumberToText Converts a number value to a text string. All 2.9
Math.PixelToInch Converts a pixel value to inch. All 3.4
Math.PixelToMillimeter Converts a pixel value to millimeter. All 3.4
Math.TextToNumber Converts a text to a number. All 2.9

18 functions.

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