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Component: MatrixDongle

Use and work with matrix dongles.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
MatrixDongle.Count Returns the number of dongles available at the specified LPT or USB interface. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.Find Searches for the dongle and returns the LPT/USB interface at which it was found. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.GetDriverFlag Reads the current USB operating mode of the dongle “HID-Mode” or “Driver-Mode”. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.GetVersionAPI Returns the version number of the Matrix API. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.GetVersionDRV Returns the version number of the LPT driver. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.GetVersionDRV.USB Returns the version number of the Matrix USB driver. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.Initialize Initializes the matrix dongle API. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.Initialized Checks if matrix dongle was initialized. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.MemorySize Returns the memory size of the dongle in Bytes. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.Model Reads the model number of the hardware from the dongle. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.ReadHex Reads the data from the Matrix-Dongle. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.ReadSerialNumber Reads the unique serial number which is assigned to each Matrix-dongle. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.ReadText Reads data as text from the Matrix-Dongle. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.Release Closes the Matrix dongle API and frees all memory used. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.SetDriverFlag Sets the dongle to the desired USB operating mode “HID-Mode” or “Driver-Mode”. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.Version Reads the version number of the dongle. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.WriteHex Writes hex encoded text to the dongle. Mac/Win 5.2
MatrixDongle.WriteText Writes text to the dongle. Mac/Win 5.2

18 functions.

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