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Component: OCR

Recognize text on images.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
OCR.Cleanup Shutdown the engine and free all memory. All 2.9
OCR.Clear Free up recognition results and any stored image data, without actually freeing any recognition data that would be time-consuming to reload. All 2.9
OCR.GetBoxText The recognized text is returned as a text which is coded in the same format as a box file used in training. All 2.9
OCR.GetHOCRText Make a HTML-formatted string with hOCR markup from the internal data structures. All 2.9
OCR.GetPageSegMode Queries page segmentation mode. All 2.9
OCR.GetText Returns recognized text. All 2.9
OCR.GetTextWithCoordinates Queries text with coordinates. All 6.5
OCR.GetVariable Queries a variable. All 7.5
OCR.Initialize Initializes tesseract. All 2.9
OCR.IsInitialized Checks if OCR library has been initialized. All 4.2
OCR.Language Return the language used in the last valid initialization. All 2.9
OCR.MeanTextConf Returns the (average) confidence value between 0 and 100. All 2.9
OCR.Recognize Recognize the image. All 2.9
OCR.SetImage Provide an image for Tesseract to recognize. All 2.9
OCR.SetPageSegMode Sets page segmentation mode. All 2.9
OCR.SetRectangle Restrict recognition to a sub-rectangle of the image. All 2.9
OCR.SetResolution Set the resolution of the source image in pixels per inch. All 5.1
OCR.SetVariable Sets a variable. All 7.5
OCR.WriteToPDF Writes text on the PDF. All 3.1

19 functions.

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