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Component: PHP

Run PHP scripts and get/set variables.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
PHP.Execute Executes the specified php code and returns the text output. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9
PHP.ExistsVariable Checks if a variable exists. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9
PHP.GetResultContainer Returns the result of the last php script to run as container. Mac/Win/Linux 6.4
PHP.GetResultString Returns the result of the last php script to run. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9
PHP.GetVariable Returns the value of the variable. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9
PHP.Init Initializes PHP. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9
PHP.IsInitialized Queries whether PHP was initialized. Mac/Win/Linux 7.3
PHP.Load This function is used to indicate where PHP is installed on the computer. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9
PHP.Run Executes the specified php code. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9
PHP.SetVariable Declares the variables in inside of PHP. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9
PHP.ShutDown Stops php. Mac/Win/Linux 2.9

11 functions.

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