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Component: Process

Query process details.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Process.FrontProcessBundleID Queries bundleID of the frontmost app. Mac only 4.2
Process.FrontProcessName Queries name of the frontmost app. Mac/Win 4.2
Process.FrontWindowTitle Queries name of the frontmost window. Mac/Win 4.2
Process.GetCurrentDirectory Queries current directory. All 6.5
Process.IsFrontMost Checks if FileMaker is the frontmost application. Mac/Win 2.9
Process.IsRunning Checks if a process is running. Mac only 4.0
Process.KeepFrontMost Sets whether the plugin should keep FileMaker in front. Mac only 7.1
Process.LoadLibrary Loads a given native library. All 6.5
Process.SetCurrentDirectory Sets the current directory. All 6.5
Process.SetFrontMost Moves FileMaker application to the front. Mac only 2.9
ProcessActivity.List Lists all activities. Mac/iOS 5.2
ProcessActivity.Options Queries option flags. Mac/iOS 5.2
ProcessActivity.Reason Queries the reason text. Mac/iOS 5.2
ProcessActivity.beginActivity Begins an activity. Mac/iOS 5.2
ProcessActivity.endActivity Ends the activity started with ProcessActivity.beginActivity. Mac/iOS 5.2

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