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Component: QTExport

Older QuickTime based functions on OS X and Windows to transcode videos.

Can be used to compress videos as MPEG 4 video file.
Or with LAME encoder component to create MP3 files.

Deprecated and only for 32-bit available. Will be removed someday.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
QTExport.CloseMovie Closes current movie. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.Duration Queries duration of current movie. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.Export Exports the movie file. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.GetHighResolution Queries whether high resolution audio is enabled. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.GetMovieHeight Queries the movie height you set. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.GetMovieWidth Queries the movie width you set. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.GetSettings Queries current settings as text. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.GetShowProgress Queries whether to show progress dialog. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.GetSoundChannelCount Queries the sound channel count to use. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.GetSoundSampleRate Queries the sound sample rate to use. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.GetSoundSampleSize Queries the sound sample size to use. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.ListExporters Enumerates all available exporters. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.OpenExporter Opens an exporter. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.OpenMovie Opens a movie file for input. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.Release Frees the exporter. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetHighResolution Enables or disables high resolution audio. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetMovieHeight Sets the movie height you want to have. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetMovieWidth Sets the movie width you want to have. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetSettings Restores saved settings. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetShowProgress Sets whether to show progress. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetSoundChannelCount Sets the number of channels to export. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetSoundSampleRate Sets the sound sample rate. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetSoundSampleSize Sets the sound sample size to use. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.SetupDialog Shows a modal setup dialog. Mac/Win 6.1
QTExport.Validate Validates the settings. Mac/Win 6.1

25 functions.

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