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Component: RemoteControl

Press keys or move/click mouse.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
RemoteControl.ClickMouse Moves the mouse cursor and performs a click. Mac/Win 2.8
RemoteControl.FindWindow Finds a window on Windows based on class name and/or window title. Win only 2.8
RemoteControl.GetWindowsList On Windows queries the list of all window references. Win only 2.8
RemoteControl.HideCursor Hides the mouse cursor. Mac/Win 3.4
RemoteControl.MouseX Queries current position of the mouse cursor on screen. Mac/Win 2.8
RemoteControl.MouseY Queries current position of the mouse cursor on screen. Mac/Win 2.8
RemoteControl.MoveMouse Moves the mouse cursor. Mac/Win 2.8
RemoteControl.PressCommandKey Presses command key on Mac. Mac only 2.8
RemoteControl.PressControlKey Presses control key. Mac/Win 2.8
RemoteControl.PressDialogButton Presses a dialog button. Mac only 6.2
RemoteControl.PressDialogButton.Clear Stops the dialog button press command. Mac only 6.2
RemoteControl.PressKey Presses a key. Mac/Win 2.8
RemoteControl.PressKeyLater Presses a key after delay. Mac/Win 6.2
RemoteControl.PressOptionKey Presses option/alt key. Mac/Win 2.8
RemoteControl.PressShiftKey Presses shift key. Mac/Win 2.8
RemoteControl.ShowCursor Shows the mouse cursor. Mac/Win 3.4

16 functions.

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