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Component: RunTask

Launch applications and command line tools with parameters and query their status.

See also Shell functions.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
RunTask.AddArgument Adds the argument that should be used to launch the executable to the arguments list. Mac/Win 4.1
RunTask.GetArgument Queries the argument with given index. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.GetArgumentCount Returns the number of arguments. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.GetCurrentDirectoryPath Returns the task's current directory. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.GetLaunchPath Returns the path of the executable. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.GetVerb Returns the verb string. Win only 3.2
RunTask.IsRunning Returns whether the receiver is still running. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.Launch Launches the task represented by the receiver. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.NewTask Creates a new task. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.ProcessIdentifier Returns the receiver's process identifier. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.ReadErrorText Reads what is in the buffer for the error stream. Mac only 4.1
RunTask.ReadOutputText Reads what is in the buffer for the output stream. Mac only 4.1
RunTask.SetArguments Sets the command arguments that should be used to launch the executable. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.SetCurrentDirectoryPath Sets the current directory for the receiver. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.SetLaunchPath Sets the path to be launched. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.SetVerb Sets the verb, that specifies the action to be performed. Win only 3.2
RunTask.Terminate Sends a terminate signal to the receiver and all of its subtasks. Mac/Win 3.1
RunTask.TerminationReason Returns the reason the task was terminated. Mac only 3.1
RunTask.TerminationStatus Returns the exit status returned by the receiver's executable. Mac only 3.1
RunTask.Wait Waits for current task to terminate. Mac only 6.4
RunTask.WriteInputText Writes text to the input buffer for the app. Mac only 4.1

21 functions.

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