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Component: SSH

Secure Shell connection to server.

Can be used to login remotely into a Linux or Mac OS X (or Windows) machine if there is a SSH server running and run various commands.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
SSH.CloseChannel Closes the channel. All 6.3
SSH.Connect Connects a new socket to the given IP & Port. All 6.3
SSH.Disconnect Disconnects the session. All 6.3
SSH.EOF Check a channel's EOF status. All 6.3
SSH.Execute Executes something on the server. All 6.3
SSH.Flush Flush streams for this channel. All 6.3
SSH.FreeChannel Frees the SSH channel. All 6.3
SSH.GetExitState Get the remote exit code. All 6.3
SSH.GetIP Queries IP or domain used to connect. All 6.3
SSH.GetPort Queries port used to connect. All 6.3
SSH.GetTag Queries tag value. All 6.3
SSH.GetTimeout Queries timeout. All 6.3
SSH.GetUserName The user name we got authenticated for. All 6.3
SSH.HostKey Returns the hex encoded host key. All 6.3
SSH.HostKeyHash Returns the hex encoded host key hash. All 6.3
SSH.IsAuthenticated Queries the authentication state. All 6.3
SSH.New Creates a new SSH session. All 6.3
SSH.OpenSession Opens a SSH channel. All 6.3
SSH.ReadHex Reads bytes from channel and returns them hex encoded. All 6.3
SSH.ReadText Reads bytes from channel and returns them as text. All 6.3
SSH.Release Frees the memory for the ssh session. All 6.3
SSH.RequestPTY Request a PTY on an established channel. All 6.3
SSH.SendEOF Send EOF to remote server. All 6.3
SSH.SessionHandshake Perform the SSH handshake. All 6.3
SSH.SetEnv Set an environment variable on the channel. All 6.3
SSH.SetTag Sets the tag value. All 6.3
SSH.SetTimeout Sets timeout. All 6.3
SSH.Shell Request a shell on a channel. All 6.3
SSH.UserAuthKeyboardInteractive Authenticate a session using keyboard-interactive authentication. All 6.3
SSH.UserAuthList List supported authentication methods. All 6.3
SSH.UserAuthPassword Authenticate a session with username and password. All 6.3
SSH.UserAuthPublicKey Authenticate a session with a public key, read from memory. All 6.3
SSH.UserAuthPublicKeyFile Authenticate a session with a public key, read from a file. All 6.3
SSH.WaitClosed Wait for the remote to close the channel. All 6.3
SSH.WaitEOF Wait for the remote end to acknowledge an EOF request. All 6.3
SSH.WaitSocket Waits on the socket for sending or receiving. All 6.3
SSH.WriteHex Writes text to the channel. All 6.3
SSH.WriteText Writes text to the channel. All 6.3

38 functions.

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