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Component: ServerSocket

Allow one FileMaker instance to receive queries from other FileMaker instances.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
ServerSocket.Check Checks if any network socket has something to do. All 3.2
ServerSocket.GetAllowedScripts Queries list of allowed scripts. All 3.4
ServerSocket.GetAllowedTypes Queries the list of allowed types. All 3.4
ServerSocket.SendQuery Sends a query to a Serversocket on another FileMaker instance. All 3.2
ServerSocket.SetAllowedScripts Sets a list of allowed script names. All 3.4
ServerSocket.SetAllowedTypes Sets a list of allowed types. All 3.4
ServerSocket.Start Starts the server socket to answer queries from other applications. All 3.2
ServerSocket.Stop Stops the server socket. All 3.2

8 functions.

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