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Component: Utility

Various utility functions which do not fit in other categories.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
CGPSConverter.Convert Converts PostScript to PDF. Mac only 2.4
Email.Verify Verifies if an email is valid. All 3.3
LCMS.ProfileInfo Queries profile information for an ICC Profile. All 4.0
Log Writes the given values to the debug console. All 2.2
Modbus.CalculateRTUMessageCRC Calculates the RTU Message CRC string. All 3.1
MouseCursor.Hide Hides the mouse cursor. Mac/Win 7.5
MouseCursor.HideUntilMouseMoves Hides mouse until user moves it. Mac/Win 7.5
MouseCursor.Set Sets the mouse cursor. Mac/Win 2.6
MouseCursor.Show Shows the mouse cursor. Mac/Win 7.5
Msgbox A simple method to show a dialog box with one text. All 2.2
SendCommand Connects to a TCP Socket on some computer in the network and sends a data packet with the given parameters. All 2.0
ShowURL Shows an URL. Mac/Win/iOS 2.4
Time.Sleep Delays execution for the given number of milliseconds. All 4.1
Time.UnixTimeStamp Returns the unix time stamp. All 3.1

14 functions.

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