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Component: Variables

Plugin managed global variables preserving data type.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
FM.VariableClear Destroys a variable that was declared with FM.VariableSet. All 1.2
FM.VariableClearAll Clears all variables. All 5.2
FM.VariableExists Checks if a variable with that name exists. All 4.0
FM.VariableGet Retrieves the value of named variable that was declared using FM.VariableSet. All 1.2
FM.VariableList Returns list of all variables names and values. All 4.0
FM.VariableReset Resets the list of variables. All 4.0
FM.VariableSet Stores a named variable that can be retrieved later using FM.VariableGet. All 1.2

7 functions.

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