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Component: WIA

Scan images from flatbet scanners on Windows.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
WIA.ClearCurrentDevice Clears current device. Win only 6.5
WIA.DeviceCount Queries number of devices. Win only 6.5
WIA.DeviceProperties Queries the properties for the device as JSON. Win only 8.3
WIA.DevicePropertyKeys Queries the property keys for the device. Win only 6.5
WIA.DevicePropertyValue Queries a device property value. Win only 6.5
WIA.GetCurrentDevice Queries ID of current device. Win only 6.5
WIA.GetCurrentItem Queries name/ID of current item. Win only 8.3
WIA.Image Queries native path to image file. Win only 6.5
WIA.ImageCount Queries number of scanned images. Win only 6.5
WIA.ImageDialog Offer dialog to user to acquire image. Win only 6.5
WIA.Initialize Initializes WIA services. Win only 6.5
WIA.ItemProperties Queries properties as JSON. Win only 8.3
WIA.ItemPropertyKeys Queries list of properties. Win only 6.5
WIA.ItemPropertyValue Queries an item property value. Win only 6.5
WIA.ListItems Lists the items. Win only 6.5
WIA.Scan Transfers data from the given item to the application. Win only 6.5
WIA.SelectDeviceDialog Presents the device selection dialog. Win only 6.5
WIA.SetCurrentDevice Sets the current device. Win only 6.5
WIA.SetDevicePropertyValue Sets a device property value. Win only 6.5
WIA.SetItemPropertyValue Sets a property of an item. Win only 6.5

20 functions.

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