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Component: WMIQuery

Query Windows Management Interface to learn about hardware and system configuration.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
WMIQuery.Connect Connects to WMI server. Win only 5.2
WMIQuery.New Creates a new WMI Query object. Win only 5.2
WMIQuery.Next Queries the next item in the result of a query. Win only 5.2
WMIQuery.PropertyNames Queries a list of property names for current item. Win only 5.2
WMIQuery.PropertyType Queries data type of a property. Win only 5.2
WMIQuery.PropertyValue Queries the value of the property. Win only 5.2
WMIQuery.Query Executes a query. Win only 5.2
WMIQuery.Release Releases a query object. Win only 5.2

8 functions.

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