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MBS FileMaker Plugin Documentation

Components for iOS

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  • Addressbook: Functions for the Mac OS X addressbook.
  • App: Functions to modify the current application.
  • Audit: Log all changes to your database.
  • AVAsset: Modern functions on OS X to query metadata from movie files.
  • AVExport: Modern functions on OS X to transcode video in different format.
  • AVPlayer: Play audio on Mac and iOS.
  • AVRecorder: Audio and video recording
  • Barcode: Functions for generating and scanning barcodes.
  • BinaryFile: Read binary data from a file and write it to a file.
  • BlueThermProbe: Functions to use a BlueTherm™ Probe device from ThermoWorks with iOS.
  • Certificates: X509 Certificates and PKCS12 file handling.
  • CGImageSource: Mac OS X Image loading functions to query metadata and thumbnails.
  • CLGeocoder: Functions for geo coordinate lookup.
  • Clipboard: Get and set clipboard text.
  • Compression: Functions to handle Zip and gzip files.
  • Container: Functions to work on containers.
  • CoreImage: Core Image Process on Mac
  • CoreLocation: Query location of a Mac..
  • CoreML: macOS 10.13 and iOS 11 functions for machine learning.
  • CURL: Up- and Download with FTP/SFTP/FTPS/HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Dictionary: Key/Value map to store values. An assoziative array preserving data types.
  • DNSLookup: Query the IP address for a domain name.
  • DynaPDF: Create, Import and Modify PDFs on Mac OS X and Windows.
  • EmailParser: Functions to parse emails and extract text, addresses and attachments.
  • Encryption: Encrypt or Decrypt with AES or Blowfish
  • EnvironmentVariables: Set and query environment variables from operation system.
  • Events: Newer OS X event functions to work with events and reminders.
  • Files: Functions to work with files and folders.
  • FM: Functions for FileMaker core functions like running scripts.
  • FMSQL: SQL inside FileMaker databases
  • Folders: Functions to query special folders.
  • Font: Font functions.
  • GraphicsMagick: Image functions to convert between image formats and apply effects.
  • Hash: Calculate hash value of text.
  • HealthKit: Functions for health data on iOS.
  • ImagePicker: A panel for iOS to select or take picture.
  • ImageView: A control to show images with animation on a layout on macOS and iOS.
  • iOSApp: App wide setting for iOS applications.
  • iOSDevice: iOS commands to query device details.
  • iOSKeyboard: iOS Keyboard state and evaluation when it changes.
  • JavaScript: Run Javascript without Webviewer.
  • JSON: Parse or build JSON texts.
  • List: Text functions for working with lists.
  • MailComposer: A panel for iOS to edit and send an email.
  • MarkDown: Convert MarkDown code to HTML code.
  • Math: Math functions.
  • MessageComposer: A panel for iOS to edit and send an messages.
  • MetaDataQuery: Spotlight search for macOS and iOS.
  • NetworkInterfaces: Query Network interfaces on Mac.
  • OCR: Recognize text on images.
  • Path: Convert paths from native to FileMaker and back.
  • PDFKit: PDF functions for Mac.
  • Plugin: Central plugin management functions.
  • Preferences: Get or set preferences.
  • Process: Query process details.
  • RegEx: Regular expressions like in Perl.
  • RichText: Read and write Word/OpenOffice/RTF files on Mac.
  • Schedule: Scheduled script calls and sql queries.
  • Screenshot: Create screenshots.
  • SendMail: Create emails and send them.
  • ServerSocket: Allow one FileMaker instance to receive queries from other FileMaker instances.
  • Sign: Sign with Elliptic Curve or RSA.
  • SNMP: Functions to query values via SNMP.
  • Social: Functions to work with social networks on Mac, e.g. Twitter and Facebook.
  • SocialComposer: A panel for iOS to edit and post to social media.
  • Socket: UDP and TCP sockets.
  • Speech: Speak text on Mac, iOS & Windows.
  • SQL: Connect to SQL databases and query data or run SQL commands.
  • SSH: Secure Shell connection to server.
  • StoreKit: In-app purchases in the Mac/iOS App Store
  • SystemInfo: Query system information details.
  • Text: Functions for working with text.
  • Time: Time functions.
  • UNNotification: Notifications for iOS
  • Utility: Various utility functions which do not fit in other categories.
  • UUID: UUID functions.
  • Variables: Plugin managed global variables preserving data type.
  • WebView: Control webviewer.
  • WordFile: Modify Word files.
  • XL: Read and Write Excel files.
  • XML: Functions for working on XML text.

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