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New in version 6.0

Name Description Mac/Win
Clipboard.GetHTMLText Queries styled text from clipboard as HTML. Mac/Win/iOS
Clipboard.SetHTMLText Puts HTML data on the clipboard. Mac/Win/iOS
DNSLookup.Address Queries the address. All
DNSLookup.AddressCount Queries number of addresses. All
DNSLookup.Alias Queries the alias. All
DNSLookup.AliasCount Queries number of aliases. All
DNSLookup.LookupHostByAddress Queries the domain name for an IP. All
DNSLookup.LookupHostByName Queries the IP for domain. All
DNSLookup.Name Queries the name found. All
DNSLookup.Release Releases a DNS Lookup reference. All
DynaPDF.AssociateEmbFile Associates an embedded file with a PDF object. All
DynaPDF.AttachFile Attaches a file to the document. All
DynaPDF.AttachFileContainer Attaches a data from container to the document. All
DynaPDF.AttachFileText Attaches a file to the document. All
DynaPDF.ExtractDocumentText Extracts the text of all pages. All
DynaPDF.GetTextDrawMode Queries text draw mode. All
DynaPDF.InitColorManagementEx Initializes color management. All
DynaPDF.Optimize Optimizes PDF. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotOpacity Changes the opacity of a markup annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetTextDrawMode Sets text draw mode. All
FM.DeleteRecord Deletes an existing record in a table in one line. All
FM.DeleteRecords Deletes existing records in a table in one line. All
FM.InsertOrUpdateRecord Inserts or updates a record in a table in one line. All
FM.InsertRecordQueryIgnoreDuplicates Inserts a lot of records queried from a database. All
FM.SetThreadName Sets a new name for a thread. All
FM.UpdateRecord Update an existing record in a table in one line. All
FM.UpdateRecords Updates existing records in a table in one line. All
FSEvents.CreateRelativeToDevice Creates a new FSEvents monitor relative to a device. Mac only
FSEvents.DeviceBeingWatched Queries device ID of device watched. Mac only
FSEvents.DeviceID Queries the DeviceID for a disk. Mac only
FSEvents.GetExclusionPaths Queries list of exclusion paths. Mac only
FSEvents.LastEventIdForDeviceBeforeTime Queries event ID for a given time on a device. Mac only
FSEvents.SetExclusionPaths Sets directories to be filtered from the EventStream. Mac only
FSEvents.UUIDForDevice Gets the UUID associated with a device. Mac only
JSON.AddBooleanToObject Adds a boolean value to an array. All
JSON.CreateArrayRef Creates empty array reference. All
JSON.CreateBoolean Creates a boolean node with given value. All
JSON.CreateObjectRef Creates empty object reference. All
JSON.GetObjectItemTreeRef Queries named item from an object tree. All
JSON.Parse Parses JSON text and return reference number. All
JSON.Release Frees a json reference number. All
JSON.ReleaseAll Releases all JSON objects. All
LDAP.Add Adds an entry to a tree. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.Bind Authenticates a client to the LDAP server. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.Connect Initializes an LDAP connection. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.Delete Removes a leaf entry from the directory tree. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.GetNetworkTimeOut Queries network timeout value. Mac/Linux
LDAP.GetProtocolVersion Queries protocol version for this connection. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.GetReferrals Queries the referrals option. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.GetTimeOut Queries timeout value. Mac/Linux
LDAP.Modify Changes an existing entry. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.Release Releases the connection. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.Rename Changes the distinguished name of an entry in the directory. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.Search Performs a search. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SearchResult.AttributeCount Queries number of attributes for an entry. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SearchResult.AttributeName Returns the name of an attribute in an entry. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SearchResult.AttributeNames Queries all names of attributes for an entry as a list. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SearchResult.AttributeValue Queries a value from search results. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SearchResult.AttributeValueCount Queries the number of values for an attribute. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SearchResult.AttributeValues Returns the values for an attribute in an entry. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SearchResult.Count Queries number of entries in search results. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SearchResult.DistinguishedName Queries distinguished name for an entry in search results. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SetNetworkTimeOut Sets network timeout value. Mac/Linux
LDAP.SetProtocolVersion Set the protocol version to use. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SetReferrals Sets the referrals option. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.SetTimeOut Sets timeout value. Mac/Linux
LDAP.SimpleBind Authenticates a client to a server, using a plaintext password. Mac/Win/Linux
PDFKit.GetPDFPageDisplayAnnotation Gets whether annotations are drawn. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.SetPDFPageDisplayAnnotation Sets whether annotations are drawn. Mac/iOS
Path.AddPathComponent Adds a new path component. All
Path.LastPathComponent Queries the last path component. All
Path.RemoveLastPathComponent Removes last path component. All
Preferences.DeleteValue Deletes a preference value. All
Preferences.HasValue Checks if a preference value is defined. All
QuickList.MatchesSubString Finds list entries which contains a given text. All
RichText.HTMLText Converts the current rich text to html. Mac/iOS
SyntaxColoring.ContextualMenuEnabled.GetEnabled Queries whether contextual menu commands from plugin are enabled. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ContextualMenuEnabled.SetEnabled Enables contextual menu commands for tables. Mac only
UnZipFile.ExtractFiles Extracts all files from current archive into a folder. Mac/Win/iOS
Window.GetTitleVisible Queries whether title bar of window is visible. Mac only
Window.GetTitlebarAppearsTransparent Query titlebar transparency. Mac only
Window.Maximize Maximizes window. Mac/Win
Window.Minimize Minimizes window. Mac/Win
Window.ResizeContentView Resizes content view of window. Mac only
Window.SetTitleVisible Sets whether title bar of window is visible. Mac only
Window.SetTitlebarAppearsTransparent Sets titlebar transparency. Mac only
ZipFile.CompressFiles Compresses a few files into a zip archive. Mac/Win/iOS

87 functions.

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