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Sets the metadata conversion flag.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
DynaPDF 7.3 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ✅ Yes, on Windows ❌ No
MBS( "DynaPDF.SetMetaConvFlags"; PDF; Flags )   More


Parameter Description Example
PDF The PDF reference returned from DynaPDF.New. $pdf
Flags The flags. "Default"


Returns OK or error.


Sets the metadata conversion flag.
You can pass flags as text list of flag names or calculate the flag values.

Flag nameHex Number valueDescription
Default00000000Default conversion
Debug00000001Write debug information into the content stream
ShowBounds00000002Show the bounding boxes of text strings
NoTextScaling00000004Do not scale text
ClipView00000008Draw the file into a clipping rectangle
UseRclBounds00000010Use rclBounds instead of rclFrame
NoClippingRgn00000040Disables SelectClippingRegion, IntersectClipRect, and SelectClipPath
NoFontEmbedding00000080Do not embed fonts -> Fonts should be embedded!!!
NoImages00000100Ignore image records
NoStdPatterns00000200Ignore standard patterns
NoBmpPatterns00000400Ignore bitmap patterns
NoText00000800Ignore text records
UseUnicode00001000Ignore ANSI_CHARSET
UseTextScaling00004000Scale text instead of using the intercharacter spacing array
NoUnicode00008000Avoid usage of Unicode fonts -> recommended to enable PDF 1.2 compability
FullScale00010000Recommended if 32 bit coordinates are used
UseRclFrame00020000This flag should be set if the rclFrame rectangle is not properly set
DefBkModeTransp00040000Initialize the background mode to transparent (SetBkMode() overrides this state).
ApplyBidiAlgo00080000Apply the bidirectional algorithm on Unicode strings
GDIFontSelection00100000Use the GDI to select fonts
RclFrameEx00200000If set, and if the rclBounds rectangle is larger than rclFrame, the function extends the output rectangle according to rclBounds and uses the resulting bounding box to calculate the image size (rclBounds represents the unscaled image size). This is probably the correct way to calculate the image size. However, to preserve backward compatibility the default calculation cannot be changed.
NoTextClipping00400000If set, the ETO_CLIPPED flag in text records is ignored.
SrcCopy_Only00800000If set, images which use a ROP code other than SRCCOPY are ignored. This is useful when processing Excel 2007 spool files.
ClipRclBounds01000000If set, the graphic is drawn into a clipping path with the size of rclBounds. This flag is useful if the graphic contains content outside of its bounding box.
DisableRasterEMF02000000If set, EMF files which use unsupported ROP codes are not rastered.
NoBBoxCheck04000000If set, the rclBounds and rclFrame rectangles are used as is. DynaPDF uses normally the rclBounds rectangle to calculate the picture size if the resolution of the EMF file seems to be larger than 1800 DPI since this is mostly an indication that the rclFrame rectangle was incorrectly calculated. If you process EMF files in such a high resolution then this flag must be set. The flag can be set by default.
IgnoreEmbFonts08000000If set, embedded fonts in GDIComment records will be ignored. This flag must be set if the fonts of an EMF spool file were pre-loaded with ConvertEMFSpool(). Spool fonts must always be loaded in a pre-processing step since required fonts are not necessarily embedded in the EMF files.

See also SetMetaConvFlags function in DynaPDF manual.

See also

This function checks for a license.

Created 18th May 2017, last changed 18th May 2017

DynaPDF.SetLinkHighlightMode - DynaPDF.SetMetadata

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