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Creates a new FSEvents monitor relative to a device.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
FSEvents 6.0 Yes No Yes, macOS only No No
MBS( "FSEvents.CreateRelativeToDevice"; DeviceID; PathList; sinceWhen { ; Flags; latency } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
DeviceID The device ID. Either a number or the path to a file/folder of that device. "/"
PathList List of folders to watch.
(or just one path)
sinceWhen The event ID from where to start. Can be the latest ID you saw last time or you pass "now" to start with now. "now"
Flags Optional
The flags. Can be a combination of NoDefer, WatchRoot, IgnoreSelf, FileEvents or MarkSelf.
latency Optional
The latency.


Returns reference number or error.


Creates a new FSEvents monitor relative to a device.
You can only pass one path in the pathList. Pass empty text there to watch the root of the device.


Watch root device with root folder since now:

MBS("FSEvents.CreateRelativeToDevice"; "/"; ""; "now")

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Created 29th November 2015, last changed 6th August 2017

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