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Checks whether a file exists with the given path.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK License
Files 2.7 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes Paid
MBS( "Files.FileExists"; Path )   More


Parameter Description Example
Path Native path to the file to check. "C:\Windows"


Returns 1 if file exists and 0 if not.


Checks whether a file exists with the given path.
If item exists at the path Files.ItemExists returns 1. If it's a directory, Files.DirectoryExists also returns 1 and Files.FileExists returns 0. With a file, Files.FileExists returns 1 and Files.DirectoryExists returns 0.
This function needs a native path. Please use Path.FileMakerPathToNativePath function in order to convert a FileMaker style path to a native path.

For applications on macOS, this function returns 0 as those are directories.


Checks whether file exists:

Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS( "Files.FileExists"; "/Users/cs/Desktop/test.rtf")]

Test relative folder path by passing relativre path after setting starting folder:

MBS("Process.SetCurrentDirectory"; "C:\Program Files (x86)\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced/Extensions") &
MBS( "Files.FileExists"; "../Extensions/MBS.fmx")

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 10th August 2020

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