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Disconnects the call.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
TAPI 4.4 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No
MBS( "TAPI.Disconnect"; Call; DisconnectCode )   More


Parameter Description Example
Call The call reference number. $Call
DisconnectCode Can be Normal, NoAnswer or Rejected. "Normal"


Returns OK or error.


Disconnects the call.
The call state will transition to Disconnected after the method completes successfully.
Disconnect codes:
Normal: The call is being disconnected as part of the normal cycle of the call.
NoAnswer: The call is being disconnected because it has not been answered. (For example, an application may set a certain amount of time for the user to answer the call. If the user does not answer, the application can call Disconnect with the NoAnswer code.)
Rejected: The user rejected the offered call.

See also

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Created 22nd October 2014, last changed 3th December 2014

TAPI.Dial - TAPI.Finish