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Sets a device property value.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
WIA 6.5 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No
MBS( "WIA.SetDevicePropertyValue"; Device; Key; Value { ; Type } )   More


Parameter Description Example Flags
Device You can pass index of device to check them in a row.
Or pass name or unique ID of device.
Pass empty string for current device.
Key The property key. "Horizontal Resolution"
Value The value to use. 300
Type The data type to use.
By default if empty or auto, we detect it based on the type of the existing property.
Can be Boolean, Int16, Int32, Int64, UInt16, UInt32, UInt64, String or Double.
Added GUID and CLSID as type for v12.1.
"Int32" Optional


Returns OK or error.


Sets a device property value.
You can use WIA.DevicePropertyKeys to learn about available keys.

To learn about properties you may need to visit Microsoft websites and figure out the options and the values for the listed constants:

Page sizes are listed here:

Please query with WIA.DeviceProperties to see what keys and values are possible. You may want to query before and after setting the value via dialog.


Set to scan all pages:

MBS( "WIA.SetDevicePropertyValue"; ""; 3096; 0)

Set media type to file:

MBS( "WIA.SetDevicePropertyValue"; ""; "Media Type"; 2)

Set page size to A4:

MBS( "WIA.SetDevicePropertyValue"; ""; "Page Size"; 0)

Request feeder with duplex:

MBS( "WIA.SetDevicePropertyValue"; ""; "Device Handling Document"; 5 ) // 1 for feeder + 4 for duplex

Request to keep one page in memory:

MBS( "WIA.SetDevicePropertyValue"; ""; "Pages"; 1 ) // keep one page in memory

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Created 10th November 2016, last changed 18th February 2022

WIA.SetCurrentDevice - WIA.SetItemPropertyValue