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Finds all players in current window.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
AVPlayer 7.3 Yes No No No Yes

MBS( "AVPlayer.FindPlayers" )




Returns list of identifiers or error.


Finds all players in current window.
Looks for interactive containers using AVPlayer for playback and returns new identifiers for them.
We added this function to query time of a playing interactive container on iOS.
Seems to work on Mac for FileMaker 16, too.
Looks on the current window with focus.


Query time of container playing container on iOS:

# find players
Set Variable [$list; MBS( "AVPlayer.FindPlayers" ) ]
# pick first one
Set Variable [$player; GetValue($list; 1) ]
# query time
Set Variable [$time; MBS( "AVPlayer.GetTime"; AVPlayer ) ]

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