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Component: AVPlayer

Play audio on Mac and iOS.

Play audio in background while doing work in FileMaker.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AVPlayer.FindPlayers Finds all players in current window. Mac/iOS 7.3
AVPlayer.GetAsset Queries the current asset. Mac/iOS 7.3
AVPlayer.GetDuration Queries the length of the video in seconds. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.GetMuted Queries mute state. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.GetRate Queries playback rate. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.GetTime Queries current time in seconds. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.GetVolume Queries current volume. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.OpenContainer Opens the audio file from a container. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.OpenFile Opens an audio file. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.OpenURL Opens the movie with the given URL. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.Pause Pauses playback. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.Play Plays sound. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.Release Releases the audio player. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.ReleaseAll Releases all movies in memory. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.SetMuted Sets mute status. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.SetRate Sets the playback rate. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.SetTime Sets the current time. Mac/iOS 7.1
AVPlayer.SetVolume Sets the volume. Mac/iOS 7.1

18 functions.

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