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A server-provided identifier for this calendar item.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Events 6.2 Yes No No No Yes
MBS( "Events.Item.CalendarItemExternalIdentifier"; EKCalendarItem )   More


Parameter Description Example value
EKCalendarItem The reference to the calendar item: an event or reminder. $item


Returns ID or error.


A server-provided identifier for this calendar item.
This identifier, provided by the server, allows you to reference the same event or reminder across multiple devices. For calendars stored locally on the device, including the birthday calendar, it simply passes through to calendarItemIdentifier.
This identifier is unique as of creation for every calendar item. However, there are some cases where duplicate copies of a calendar item can exist in the same database, including:
  • A calendar item was imported from an ICS file into multiple calendars
  • An event was created in a calendar shared with the user and the user was also invited to the event
  • The user is a delegate of a calendar that also has this event
  • A subscribed calendar was added to multiple accounts In such cases, you should choose between calendar items based on other factors, such as the calendar or source.

This identifier is the same for all occurrences of a recurring event. If you wish to differentiate between occurrences, you may want to use the start date.
In addition, there are two caveats for Exchange-based calendars:
  • This identifier will be different between EventKit on iOS versus OS X
  • This identifier will be different between devices for Reminders

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Created 10th March 2016, last changed 12nd March 2016

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