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New in version 6.2

Name Description Mac/Win
AVExport.ExportSessionMerge Creates a new export session. Mac/iOS
AVRecorder.CaptureStillPhoto Captures a still image. Mac/Win/iOS
Addressbook.Account.Name Queries name of account. Mac only
Addressbook.Account.Type Queries type identifier for account. Mac only
Addressbook.Account.URL Queries base URL for account. Mac only
Addressbook.Account.isMainAccount Queries whether this is main account. Mac only
Addressbook.Notification.Evaluate Installs a notification evaluate. Mac only
Addressbook.Record.Account Queries account identifier for record. Mac only
Addressbook.allAccounts Queries list of account identifies for all accounts. Mac only
Addressbook.defaultAccount Queries default account identifier. Mac only
Addressbook.enabledAccounts Queries list of account identifies for enabled accounts. Mac only
Addressbook.persistentAccounts Queries list of account identifies for persistent accounts. Mac only
CURL.GetDebugWithData Whether to include data in the debug log. All
CURL.GetDebugWithTime Queries whether times are included in debug messages. All
CURL.SetDebugWithData Whether to include data in the debug log. All
CURL.SetDebugWithTime Sets wether times are included in debug log. All
Calendar.Notification.Evaluate Installs a notification evaluation. Mac only
CoreLocation.SetFailEvaluate Sets the expression evaluated when CoreLocation wants to report an error. Mac/iOS
CoreLocation.SetUpdateLocationEvaluate Sets the expression evaluated when a new location has been detected. Mac/iOS
Dialog.GetSheetEvaluate Queries notification evaluation expression. Mac only
Dialog.SetSheetEvaluate Defines expression for the notification evaluation. Mac only
Dictionary.SetList Fills dictionary with keys and values form a list. All
DynaPDF.ExtractPageRectText Extracts the text of the page in a rectangle. All
Events.Alarm.Copy Creates a copy of the alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.GetAbsoluteDate Represents an alarm that fires at a specific date. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.GetEmailAddress Query the email for this alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.GetProximity Queries proximity. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.GetRelativeOffset Queries the relative offset from an event start date to fire an alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.GetSound Queries the sound to play. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.GetStructuredLocation Queries the location for the event. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.GetURL Queries the URL to open when the alarm triggers. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.SetAbsoluteDate Sets an alarm that fires at a specific date. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.SetEmailAddress Sets the email for this alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.SetProximity Sets the proximity for this alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.SetRelativeOffset Sets a relative offset from an event start date to fire an alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.SetSound Sets the sound to play. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.SetStructuredLocation Sets the location for the event. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.SetURL Sets the URL to open when the alarm triggers. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.TriggerDateRelativeTo Calculates the next alarm time. Mac/iOS
Events.Alarm.Type Queries the type of alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.AuthorizationStatusForEntityType Returns the authorization status for the given entity type. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.AllowsContentModifications Represents whether you can this add, remove, or modify items in this calendar. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.CalendarIdentifier A unique identifier for the calendar. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.Duplicate Creates a copy of the calendar. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.GetColor Returns the calendar color. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.GetSource Query the source ID for this calendar. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.GetTitle Gets the title of the calendar Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.GetType Queries type of calendar. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.Immutable Queries whether calendar is immutable. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.SetColor Sets the calendar color. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.SetSource Sets the source for a new calendar. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.SetTitle Sets the title of the calendar. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.Subscribed Whether this is a subscribed calendar. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.allowedEntityTypes Returns the entity types this calendar can contain. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendar.supportedEventAvailabilities Returns list of supported event availabilities. Mac/iOS
Events.CalendarCount Queries number of calendars. Mac/iOS
Events.CalendarItemsWithExternalIdentifier Finds matching events for external identifier. Mac/iOS
Events.Calendars Returns calendars that support a given entity type. Mac/iOS
Events.ClearNotification Clears the script trigger for changes. Mac/iOS
Events.Commit Commits pending changes to the database. Mac/iOS
Events.CompletedReminders Fetch completed reminders in a set of calendars. Mac/iOS
Events.DelegateSources Returns an unordered list of sources for all available delegates. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.BirthdayPersonUniqueID Specifies the address book unique ID of the person this event was created for. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.GetAllDay Query whether this is an all day event. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.GetAvailability Queries availability. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.GetEndDate Queries the end date for the event. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.GetStartDate Queries the start date for the event. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.GetStructuredLocation Queries structured location. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.IsDetached Represents whether this event is detached from a recurring series. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.OccurrenceDate The occurrence date of an event if it is part of a recurring series. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.Refresh Refreshes an event object to ensure it's still valid. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.SetAllDay Sets the all day flag for an event. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.SetAvailability Sets availability. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.SetEndDate Sets the end date for the event. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.SetStartDate Sets the start date for the event. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.SetStructuredLocation Sets the structured location. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.Status Queries status of event. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.compareStartDateWithEvent Comparison function. Mac/iOS
Events.Event.organizer The organizer of this event, or empty. Mac/iOS
Events.EventStoreIdentifier Returns a unique identifier string representing this calendar store. Mac/iOS
Events.Events Queries events in a given time range. Mac/iOS
Events.IncompleteReminders Fetch incompleted reminders in a set of calendars. Mac/iOS
Events.Initialize Initializes EventKit and opens event store. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.AddAlarm Adds an alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.AddRecurrenceRule Adds a recurrence rule. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.Alarms Queries list of alarm references. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.Attendees Queries list of attendee reference list. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.CalendarItemExternalIdentifier A server-provided identifier for this calendar item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.CalendarItemIdentifier Returns a unique identifier for a calendar item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.Duplicate Creates a copy of the item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.GetCalendar Queries the calendar for this item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.GetLocation Queries the location text. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.GetNotes Queries the notes text. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.GetTimeZone Queries timezone. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.GetTitle Queries title of the item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.GetURL Queries the URL for this item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.HasAlarms Whether this event has alarms. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.HasAttendees Whether this event has attendees. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.HasNotes Whether this event has notes. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.HasRecurrenceRules Whether this event has recurrence rules. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.RecurrenceRules Queries list of recurrence rules reference list. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.RemoveAlarm Removes an alarm from the item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.RemoveRecurrenceRule Removes a recurrence rule. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.SetCalendar Sets the calendar for the event. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.SetLocation Sets the location for this event. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.SetNotes Sets the notes text for the calendar item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.SetTimeZone Sets time zone for this item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.SetTitle Sets the item title. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.SetURL Sets the URL for the calendar item. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.creationDate Queries creation date. Mac/iOS
Events.Item.lastModifiedDate Queries last modification date. Mac/iOS
Events.NewAlarm Creates a new alarm. Mac/iOS
Events.NewAlarmWithAbsoluteDate Creates a new alarm with an absolute trigger time. Mac/iOS
Events.NewAlarmWithRelativeOffset Creates a new alarm with a relative trigger time. Mac/iOS
Events.NewCalendar Creates a new calendar that may contain the given entity type. Mac/iOS
Events.NewEvent Creates a new event. Mac/iOS
Events.NewReminder Creates a new reminder. Mac/iOS
Events.Object.HasChanges Checks if there are changes. Mac/iOS
Events.Object.IsNew Returns 1 if this object has never been saved, else 0. Mac/iOS
Events.Object.Refresh Refreshes values for this object. Mac/iOS
Events.Object.Reset Resets the object. Mac/iOS
Events.Object.Rollback Discards any changes. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.GetName Queries name of participant. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.GetStatus Queries participant status. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.IsCurrentUser Whether this is current user. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.Name Name of this participant. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.Person Returns the addressbook person reference that represents this participant. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.Role The role of the attendee. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.Status The status of the attendee. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.Type The type of the attendee. Mac/iOS
Events.Participant.URL URL representing this participant. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceDayOfWeek.Copy Creates a copy of the day of week object. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceDayOfWeek.DayOfTheWeek The day of the week. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceDayOfWeek.NewWithDayOfWeek Creates a object with a day of the week. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceDayOfWeek.WeekNumber The week number. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceEnd.Copy Creates a copy of a recurrence end. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceEnd.EndDate Queries end date. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceEnd.NewWithEndDate Creates a recurrence end with a specific end date. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceEnd.NewWithOccurrenceCount Creates a recurrence end with a maximum occurrence count. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceEnd.OccurrenceCount Queries count. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.CalendarIdentifier Calendar used by this recurrence rule. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.Copy Creates a copy of the recurrence rule. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.DaysOfTheMonth Queries days of the month. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.DaysOfTheWeek Queries days of the week. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.DaysOfTheYear Queries days of the year. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.FirstDayOfTheWeek Queries first day of week number. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.Frequency Queries frequency. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.GetRecurrenceEnd Queries recurrence end. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.Interval Queries interval. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.MonthsOfTheYear Queries months of the year. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.NewWithFrequency Creates a new recurrence rule. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.SetPositions Queries the set positions. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.SetRecurrenceEnd Sets the recurrence end. Mac/iOS
Events.RecurrenceRule.WeeksOfTheYear Queries weeks of the year. Mac/iOS
Events.RefreshSourcesIfNecessary Cause a sync to potentially occur taking into account the necessity of it. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.GetCompleted Whether or not the reminder is completed. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.GetCompletionDate Queries the date on which this reminder was completed. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.GetDueDate Queries due date. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.GetPriority Queries the priority of the reminder. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.GetStartDate Queries start date. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.SetCompleted Whether or not the reminder is completed. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.SetCompletionDate Sets the date on which this reminder was completed. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.SetDueDate The date by which this reminder should be completed. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.SetDueDateComponents The date by which this reminder should be completed. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.SetPriority Sets the priority of the reminder. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.SetStartDate Sets the start date of the task. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminder.SetStartDateComponents Sets the start date of the task, as date components. Mac/iOS
Events.Reminders Fetch all reminders in a set of calendars. Mac/iOS
Events.RemoveCalendar Removes a calendar from the database. Mac/iOS
Events.RemoveEvent Removes an event from the calendar store. Mac/iOS
Events.RemoveReminder Removes a reminder from the event store. Mac/iOS
Events.Reset Resets the event store. Mac/iOS
Events.SaveCalendar Saves changes to a calendar, or adds a new calendar to the database. Mac/iOS
Events.SaveEvent Saves changes to an event permanently. Mac/iOS
Events.SaveReminder Saves changes to a reminder. Mac/iOS
Events.SelectEvent Selects an event via ID. Mac/iOS
Events.SetNotification Installs a notification script. Mac/iOS
Events.SetNotificationEvaluate Installs a notification evaluation. Mac/iOS
Events.Source.Calendars Queries calendars inside the given source. Mac/iOS
Events.Source.Title Queries title of the source. Mac/iOS
Events.Source.Type Queries type of the source. Mac/iOS
Events.SourceWithType Returns the first source matching the type. Mac/iOS
Events.Sources Returns an unordered list of source IDs. Mac/iOS
Events.StructuredLocation.Copy Creates a copy of the structured location. Mac/iOS
Events.StructuredLocation.GetGeoLocation Queries the geo location. Mac/iOS
Events.StructuredLocation.GetRadius Queries radius. Mac/iOS
Events.StructuredLocation.NewLocationWithTitle Creates a new location. Mac/iOS
Events.StructuredLocation.SetGeoLocation Sets the geo coordinates for this location. Mac/iOS
Events.StructuredLocation.SetRadius Sets the radius. Mac/iOS
Events.StructuredLocation.Title Queries the title of this location. Mac/iOS
Events.defaultCalendarForNewEvents Returns the calendar that events should be added to by default. Mac/iOS
Events.defaultCalendarForNewReminders Returns the calendar that reminders should be added to by default. Mac/iOS
Events.requestAccessToEntityType Requests access for the entity type. Mac/iOS
FM.InsertSetUpdateProgressDialog Enable updating progress bar. Mac/Win
FSEvents.GetEvaluate Not yet documented Mac only
FSEvents.SetEvaluate Sets the expression for evaluate when database changes. Mac only
Files.FolderSize Calculate sizes of folder. All
Files.GetComment Queries Finder's file comment. Mac only
Files.GetFinderLabel Queries the label of the file or folder. Mac only
Files.SetComment Sets the file comment. Mac only
Files.SetFinderLabel Sets the Finder label. Mac only
Folders.UserDownloads Queries location of user's downloads folder. Mac/Win
Folders.UserTemporary Queries temporary folder. All
FontManager.FontFile Queries the native file path to a font file. Mac only
GMImage.GetiptcProfileValues Queries list with all IPTC values found. All
Plugin.LibSSHVersion Queries the SSH library version used. All
Plugin.OpenSSLVersion Queries OpenSSL Version. All
PrintDialog.ClearOption Clears an option. Mac only
PrintDialog.ClearOptions Clears all options set. Mac only
PrintDialog.GetAllPages Queries whether to print all pages. Mac only
PrintDialog.GetCopies Queries number of copies. Mac only
PrintDialog.GetFirstPage Queries first page. Mac only
PrintDialog.GetLastPage Queries last page. Mac only
PrintDialog.GetLastSettings Queries last settings from print dialog. Mac only
PrintDialog.GetOption Queries an option. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetAllPages Set whether to print all pages. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetCopies Sets number of copies. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetFirstPage Sets first page. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetLastPage Sets last page. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetOption Sets an option. Mac only
QuickList.SortWith Sorts the list with together with other lists. All
RSA.GeneratePrivateKey Creates a new private key. All
RSA.GetPublicKey Queries public key from private key. All
RSA.PrivateDecrypt Decrypts data using private key. All
RSA.PrivateEncrypt Encrypts data using private key. All
RSA.PublicDecrypt Decrypts data using public key. All
RSA.PublicEncrypt Encrypts data using public key. All
RSA.Sign Signs data with RSA digital signature. All
RSA.Verify Verifies RSA digital signature. All
RemoteControl.PressDialogButton Presses a dialog button. Mac only
RemoteControl.PressDialogButton.Clear Stops the dialog button press command. Mac only
RemoteControl.PressKeyLater Presses a key after delay. Mac/Win
SQL.GetFieldAsContainer Queries field value as container. All
SQL.GetParamAsContainer Queries parameter value as container. All
Schedule.GetLastTimeStamp Queries the last time stamp the schedule run. Mac/Win/iOS
SerialPort.SetDataAvailableEvaluate Sets the data available expression for this serial port. Mac/Win
Socket.SetDataAvailableEvaluate Sets the data available evaluation for this socket. All
Socket.SetErrorEvaluate Sets the error expression for this socket. All
Socket.SetNewConnectionEvaluate Sets the new connection expression for this socket. All
WebView.AllowsAnyHTTPSCertificateForHost Allows a certain host to allow use of any HTTP certificates. Mac only
WebView.PressKey Sends a keypress to webviewer. Win only
Window.Scrollbar.getHorizontalMaximum Queries maximum value for horizontal scrollbar. Mac only
Window.Scrollbar.getHorizontalPosition Queries current value for horizontal scrollbar. Mac only
Window.Scrollbar.getVerticalMaximum Queries maximum value for vertical scrollbar. Mac only
Window.Scrollbar.getVerticalPosition Queries current value for vertical scrollbar. Mac only
Window.Scrollbar.set Scrolls to the given coordinates. Mac only
WordFile.GetXML Queries xml content of the word file. All
WordFile.Parts Queries names of the parts of the document. All
WordFile.SetXML Sets the xml for this word file. All
XML.Canonical Creates canonical xml. All
XML.Format Formats XML document. All

252 functions.

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